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Oct 4, 2007.
Engadget has just reported that the AT&T Tilt (also known as the HTC KAISER, AT&T TILT, AT&T 8925) will be available at At&t stores on October 5!
Read about it here

Oct 5, 2007.
I bought a Tilt at my local AT&T store, $299.00 after two 50.00 rebates. Stay tuned for pictures and comments.



Why buy a Tytn II (also known as the HTC KAISER, AT&T TILT, AT&T 8925)

Fast Internet and Email

The Tytn II supports the fastest wireless internet data protocols. These are UMTS and HSDPA. the IPhone for example doesn't support these. Many european made devices support these protocols but do not support these protocols in the United States. The frequencies used by UMTS in europe differ from the United states so the protocol is supported but on a different frequency. The really great Nokia e90 and n95 are good examples of this.

Camera picture quality

This is a 3 megapixel autofocus camera. What I had discovered about the tytn I (this is currently my every day camera) was that the picture quality was highly dependant on the small rotary setting that is on the outside of the camera. This means that this is not a good "point and shoot" camera, even if it does take pretty good pictures. Picture samples so far show that the Tytn II which has auto focus and higher resolution is a promising camera. See the links below for picture samples.
Here is a good discussion of the camera with 8 pictures taken by the Tytn II: Camera review
This is a good review with two picture samples: Review with pictures-phone

Sample pictures

Here are a few pictures from my Tytn II. Generally I find that it does poorly with objects in motion but has good color balance and takes a good picture. My first thought is that it is better than the original Tytn but stay tuned for more info.

Outlook integration

if you'r work has a current Microsoft mailserver and being able to access you're work email/calendar at any time, anywhere, easily and for free is important then this is the good device for you. There are many really great devices out there including the Nokia e90, Nokia e70, Nokia n95, treo 6xxp and 7xxp series to name a few but none of them will do email/calendar with outlook like a windows mobile device (it must be greater than or equal to version 5.0 you also need a very current mailserver)..

Real Satellite based GPS!

The Tytn II comes with GPS hardware, just install your favorite Windows mobile GPS software. I like Tom Tom myself.

Just added FREE GPS Software!

I had looked for free gps software when I bought this phone and had no luck, only expensive (TomTom) was available. I haven't tried these but here are links of you would like to. Stay tuned, I'll give these a try as well.

Amaze GPS


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